Learning To Live With Reactivity: The Carter Story.

For most of you out there following my page, you are all too familiar with the smiley, squishy, lovable face of Carter Bo Barber. But what you haven't seen, is the explosively reactive, barky, growly, lunge first - ask questions later side of this beautiful boy, with the catchy name, and the smile that just won't quit.

We adopted Carter from the Winnipeg Humane Society in August of 2017. He was the first dog I ever worked with, and all while training on how to perform handling desensitization. It took me 0.005 seconds to fall in love with his green eyes, and that adorable pink nose... so low, and behold - he came home with us shortly after that.

Like seriously....look at him!!

Adopting an older dog from a shelter always comes with a lot of unknowns. For the most part, they were either surrendered (whether it be due to reactivity, aggression, over-excitablility, etc), or they were often strays. This results in a lot of uncertainty as to what their actual background was, which in turn can give you some surprises when you make the decision to bring a shelter dog home. Now, don't get me wrong... I absolutely LOVE every dog I have worked with, adopted, and spent time with at the Humane Society. Each one has their own personality, quirks, and are all around little balls of furry love that just need to find their people - in short, I am 110% for rescuing dogs!! That being said, you can get some surprises when you bring one home. I like to call them "quirks".