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Jamie has been operating CNDR since 2017 which started out as an in-home boarding and walk business, but quickly turned into the training business that it is today after she adopted her dog Carter.  Carter came to them when he was over one year old and had deep-seated fear toward people, dogs, and handling.

He is the spark that lit the fire for her passion in canine behaviour.

Jamie has experience working in vet clinics, shelter environments, and canine hydrotherapy, in addition to her three years in canine behaviour coaching, and also works at Winnipeg Humane Society as a behaviour counsellor on a casual basis.

She has completed certificates in Canine Reactivity, Canine Fear, is St. John's Pet First Aid Certified, Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Comprehensive Program, is a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant through the IAABC, holds her CPDT-KA certification, is a Fear Free Certified Trainer, and Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer through Julie Naismith's Subthreshold training program!

Jamie focuses on helping owners learn to better understand their fearful and anxious dogs, build confidence and trust, and create new and fun experiences with their dogs using patient, force free, and rewards based training practices.

She runs all things CNDR,  from booking clients, and creating programs,  to running the social media and web pages, to hosting and editing the podcast!



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" Hi Friends! Adrianna and I am a Certified Feline Behaviour and Training Specialist (C-FTBS). My journey as a Feline Behaviour Consultant started a few years ago when I started working at the Winnipeg Humane Society and realized how many cats with great personalities lost good homes to very solve-able behaviour concerns. Cats are often times misunderstood and I hope to change those perspectives! 

I love cats in all capacities and together with my own cat Guinness I aim to keep cats and the people who love them together in peaceful existence!"


Adrianna runs the @candorcats instagram and is here to answer all of your feline behaviour needs!


You can contact her on instagram, or email her at 

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"My name is Cassandra but you can call me Cass. 

I’ve been apart of the Candor Canine team since summer of 2021!


I have always loved dogs, all of my life since I was a little girl. But my passion for force free dog training and canine behaviour was really amplified soon after adopting my first dog Sadie and quickly discovering that she had some deep rooted fear aggression and reactivity towards humans and dogs. She is the reason behind why I decided to pursue a path in dog training. To help support humans and their dogs navigate their training journeys while also strengthening their bond and building better relationships. 


I truly love all areas of dog training, whether it be the basic life skills, leash training, tricks, etc. But what really fills my soul is working with puppy and reactivity clients. There’s just something so special watching dogs and humans working together as a team, watching them bond and succeeding together that really makes my heart sing! 


I have completed my canine coaching diploma through Canine Principals in summer of 2022 and am currently working towards completing my reactivity behaviour certificate through canine principals as well. While also focusing on obtaining my official dog trainer certification through the iaabc. 


When I’m not working with dogs, I like to spend my free time reading, listening to podcasts about canine behaviour, baking, and gardening. I love getting outside in nature and exploring new hiking trails with my dogs Sadie and Marshall and enjoying the beauty Manitoba has to offer."



"I have always been interested in animal behaviour, particularly aggression. I grew up as a ‘cat person’ and as I got older I became obsessed with dogs, reptiles and all kinds of wildlife.


My first family dog Finnegan had come from an abusive past, which planted a seed in me that has led to a passion for working with reactive dogs.


My love for behaviour first led me to social work. Through work I rescued one of my cats, Chaplin, who needed to be rehomed at a very young age. He was dealing with a lot of behaviour concerns and I had already recently rescued my other cat, Tig. I had to learn a lot, and quickly, to ensure a happy home for my boys. My roommate already had a cat as well, and ended up adopting Chap's brother. Watching our cats' relationships develop while navigating a multi-cat household grew my love of animal behaviour immensely.


I always wanted to work with animals and planned on rehabilitating wildlife. I began volunteering at the Wildlife Haven which sparked a huge interest in birds. It was then I realized my work with animals would be in behaviour and education. I currently volunteer in the education program with raptors, reptiles and amphibians.


My favourite part about working with dogs and their owners is seeing the joy when they are doing an activity together they love, when they learn a new skill, or see a positive emotional change in their dog. Getting to see the love between a dog and their guardian is beautiful to be a part of!


When I'm not working I enjoy going for walks and training my boys, reading, long boarding and playing video games.


I am now an Accredited Dog Trainer (woo!) with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. I am currently studying canine social behaviour. I am so excited to continue my education and work with our crew members!"

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