Candor {can.der}

         is defined as being free from prejudice or malice; or to have unreserved, honest, or sincere expression.  To me, these are the characteristics that come to mind when thinking about a dogs sincerity towards humans.  I hope to reflect these same values with fair, patient, and sincere training practices.

About Me

I have completed the advanced canine reactive behaviour certificate course through Canine Principles, and am currently working towards my CPDT-KA certification.  I have experience in both veterinary, and animal shelter environments.  It is my goal to pursue a Masters Degree in animal behaviour as well as a CPDT-KA, and CCBC-KA certification following the completion of my studies.

I have interacted with animals, especially large-breed dogs, for the majority of my life and have developed a strong understanding of their behaviour. It is my goal to supplement these experiences with a new and challenging role in training and caring for them.