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Does your cat have a tendency to scratch your favourite couch?

Do they have trouble using the litter box sometimes, or have had a hard time adjusting to your new furry family member?


CNDR Behaviour Modification helps to address your cat's individual needs to help them live their best, and happiest life!


Check out our service menu for rates!


Is your cat in need of a nail trim, but feels that vet stress?

Does trimming your cat's nails freak you out?

We offer in-home nail trims with our feline specialist!

In-home nail trims provide your cat with a calmer environment to ensure the

See our service menu for prices!


Do you want to give your cat some extra snuggle time while you're away at work?

Can't make it home in time to feed your cat before heading to another social event?

CNDR Cats is here for you!

Our check in services are designed with you in mind!

Give your cat a bit of extra play, and social time with our Feline Specialist!


(Please contact for pricing)


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