This biothane leash is a two-in-one leash for all of those city adventure dogs out there!


Each leash is made wiith 3/4 inch biothane for a light, durable, and easy to use product!


Our urban adventurer leash is a regular 6 ft leash with a triggersnap handle!


Use the regular length leash function while walking on those busy city street, then undo the trigger snap and attach it to your 9 ft extension to magically convert your leash into a long lead to give your dog more freedom to explore in more open or quieter spaces!


These leashes are equipt with a D-ring built in to the handle, which is perfect for hanging your poop bag holders or your keys from. 


These leashes are sturdy and durable enough for even the most adventurous pups and will withstand any kind of weather you could imagine - even those frigid winter months. 

CNDR X Prairie Dog Collar Co - Urban Adventurer Leash

Biothane Colour
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